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Silver nanowire inks for fabrics

Güven, Merve Nur
Conductive inks are used extensively in electronic devices like sensors, batteries, photovoltaic devices, antenna and organic light emitting diodes. These inks typically made from silver. Wearable technology is another industry which requires inks to be flexible. These devices need low temperature cured silver pastes. Low temperature pastes typically make use of silver nanoparticles. These pastes have some problems with sintering and substrate adhesion. In this thesis, to overcome these problems, silver nanowires are used to formulate pastes. Conductivity, bonding strength, flexibility, transparency and compliance of the silver nanowire pastes were determined. Promising performance of was obtained from silver nanowire pastes due to the one dimensional nature of the nanowires in terms of adhesion to fabric surface. Silver nanowires have a big area to adhere, network form of them is more conductive and transparent than network form of silver nanoparticles. The aim of this study is fabrication of low temperature silver paste by synthesis long silver nanowires.