Quality integrated earned value management for construction projects

Akgün, Eray
Today, construction sector is one of the leading sectors in the world employing millions of people and creating an economy of billions of dollars. Therefore, such a huge sector must be under control during its all stages in terms of its main components namely; cost, time and quality to achieve a unique scope. Numerous studies focus on tracking the components of cost and schedule. One of the most commonly used methods is EVM (Earned Value Management). EVM is a powerful progress measurement method, integrating cost, schedule and scope successfully. However, the EVM method lacks one of the major components of the iron triangle, namely the quality component. Thus, this study aims to develop a framework which enables “Quality integrated Earned Value Method (QEVM)”. With the integration of quality to EVM, an extendible, elaborate, and practical quality tracking system is proposed. In the literature, several valuable studies focused on the quality or performance included Earned Value Management, in recent years; however, the proposed systems show significant differences in terms of the employed key performance indicators, benchmarks, quality scoring methods and visualization of the QEV. Hence, there is a need to compare these systems and identify the areas of modification and improvement in order to propose a QEVM framework that is practical, extendible, and vi elaborate for different stakeholders/tasks, integrating the “quality cost” and “productivity of quality” concepts. In this study, after reviewing and analyzing literature in terms of QEVM requirements and components, quality tracking checklist forms were improved, quality cost and quality productivity concepts were explored. Framework components were identified for different level of details of stakeholders/tasks, quality scoring methods were compared, and value functions were derived to determine the relationship of productivity of quality and cost. Four case studies on two different projects were executed to develop and verify the components of the framework. As a result of this study, a quality embedded EVM framework was suggested. The results of this study can be used to pave the way for more sophisticated and software-integrated applications and future studies.
Citation Formats
E. Akgün, “Quality integrated earned value management for construction projects,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Civil Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.