Assessment of applicability of performance-based contracts in Turkey for road maintenance services

Ateş, Koray
In the last decades, many countries have been in search of new contracting types for the road maintenance sector to reduce the cost by increasing efficiency. Performance-based contracting (PBC) for road maintenance services, which is one of the most popular approaches that has been preferred by many countries all over the world, has been reviewed in detail in this study. Although many studies and cases present the affirmative results of PBC, changing the road maintenance system from the traditional contracting methods to a new system, is very challenging. Turkey, which has made huge investments to the road construction sector in recent years, is one of the developing countries. These investments will return as excessive road maintenance costs in the future. Therefore, insufficiencies and problems of the existing system for road maintenance shall be found out in Turkey and road maintenance services should be managed properly and developed according to the needs of upcoming periods. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the existing status of road maintenance works in Turkey by revealing the shortcomings and to investigate the applicability of PBC for Turkey with a strategic plan via interviews and surveys. Particularly, PBC can overcome the existing problems. Based on the literature and data from interviews and surveys, a road map for Turkey is designed for transitioning into PBC. In this way, if this system is implemented properly and systemically according to well-defined rules and regulations, road networks would be maintained with high quality and low budget for years.


Examination of suitability of performance based contracts for the Turkish road maintenance sector
Ateş, Koray; Atasoy Özcan, Güzide; Öztürk, Hande Işık (2020-09-01)
Over the last decades, many countries have been in the search of new contracting types for the road maintenance sector to increase the efficiency and to reduce the cost. Lately, Performance based Contracting (PBC) became a popular approach for road maintenance (RM). Although there are many studies and cases that present the affirmative results of PBC, changing the RM system from the traditional contracting methods to PBC, is very compelling. Turkey has made huge investments in road construction sector and m...
A Strategic Plan for the Implementation and Monitoring of Performance-based Maintenance Contracting (PBMC) for Turkish Construction Sector
Öztürk, Hande Işık; Atasoy Özcan, Güzide (2018-8-14)
Roadway maintenance is significantly important to maintain the quality of roads, which can be achieved by successful contracting models. This study includes the identification of the implementation and monitoring strategies of Performance-based Maintenance Contracting (PBMC). Preliminary findings indicate that the advantages and challenges vary from country to country. In addition, cost efficiency of PBMC significantly depends on the length of the road network and the duration of the contact. Thus, each con...
Estimation of road freight transportation emissions in Turkey
Özen, Murat; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye; İnal, Ayhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
To obtain a more sustainable transportation system, it is also important to decrease both fuel consumption and carbon emissions in road freight sector, as well. The first step towards this goal is to determine the current level of road freight demand and related emissions. This is rather challenging in Turkey, because disaggregate commodity flow data does not exist. However, annual roadside axle survey, performed by the Turkish General Directorate of Highways, is a valuable source of circulation information...
Türkiye de Şehirlerarası Yük Trafiği CO2 Emisyonlarının Tahmini
Özen, Murat; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye (Dergipark, 2013-01-01)
Recently, road freight transportation dominates the freight sector in many countries including Turkey, which is causing a growing concern about environmental and sustainability issues. To develop better policies, road freight emissions have to be determined. Such evaluations are very challenging in the absence of disaggregate commodity flow data, which is the case in Turkey. As a solution, to calculate truck freight transportation emissions a model that combines national level national freight transportatio...
Vector Magnetic Characteristic Technology for Development of Super Premium Efficiency (IE4 Level) Motor
Enokizono, Masato (2011-09-10)
At present the efficiency upgrading of the motor exceeds the requirement for the market from environmental problem, and the regulation advances in all the countries of world. In this paper we will discuss about the development of IE4 level motor, which is new target for international efficiencies. Efficiency classes IE1-IE4 arc defined in international standard IEC 60034-30. The draft version of EEC 60034-31 defines the new class IE4. The IE-codes replaces the former voluntary Eff classification of electric...
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K. Ateş, “Assessment of applicability of performance-based contracts in Turkey for road maintenance services,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Civil Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.