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Public diplomacy perceptions: elements of soft power in Germanys and Turkeys foreign policy

Doğan, Abdullah Mesud
This thesis examines on the importance of Public Diplomacy in German and Turkish foreign policy. The German Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy (AKBP) and the Turkish Public Diplomacy will be focused and analysed in the perspective of the constructive discourse. In this context, the focus will be on the characteristics of Public Diplomacy, which can be seen under foreign policy analysis. This thesis seeks to understand the conceptualization of Soft Power, according to Nye’s studies, which are explained in his book “Bound to Lead” from 1990 and later in “Soft Power: The Means of Success in World Politics” in which he has defined, developed and proposed the concept of Soft Power. The concept of soft power analysis has proven to be one of the defining concepts in international relation studies, since its introduction to academic discourse in the first half of the 1990’s. Despite the widespread use of this concept, the inherent characteristics of the concept could not be understood on a large scale. On this theoretical basis, the soft power elements of the respective countries are worked out and analyzed.