Cities of post-politics: depoliticization of urban politics in the context of istanbul’s mega-projects

Özkeser, Serhan Cem
This thesis analyzes the process of depoliticization of the urban political space in different means. With the help of the urban post-political literature and Jacques Ranciere’s political theory, the thesis aims to evaluate the foreclosing moments in the urban space through discourses made by the state-elites in the Istanbul’s mega-projects, the Third Bosporus Bridge and he Istanbul Airport. It is argued that the mega-projects have also dramatic effects on the urban political space besides their tremendous socio-economic consequences. In this sense, this thesis aims to contribute newly emerging urban post-political literature and fill the gap in terms of foreclosing moments against the political through not only consensual participatory mechanisms but also elites’ urban populist discourses. Moreover, it is equally important to show the Ranciere’s political theory which post-political approach is originated. Secondly, the thesis tries to interpret why today’s local government have turned their attention to construction of the mega-projects. Lastly, the Istanbul’s mega-projects are evaluated with their importance for the politics of the urban space with the question of what democratic politics is.


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S. C. Özkeser, “Cities of post-politics: depoliticization of urban politics in the context of istanbul’s mega-projects,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments., Middle East Technical University, 2019.