Understanding perception of sea and publicity of coastal zone with a user-oriented approach:the case of Trabzon city

Muratoğlu, Elif
The point of origin of this study is the stories told to and memories shared with the author about the coastal zone of old Trabzon. She observes that while waterfront of old Trabzon has the greatest and the best place in citizens memories, it has transformed into a disfavored place by the inhabitants of the city. In the past, Trabzon is a city coexists with the Black Sea in social, economic and visual manners. Unfortunately, it is defined as “the city turns its back to the sea” by its own citizens now. Based on this observation, this thesis attempts to analyze changes in the coastal zone of Trabzon, their effect on publicity of this area and perception of the sea, giving the greatest importance to the space-related user experiences. Since this study focuses on the socio-psychological aspect of the urban planning practices, a frame of reference in which this study can be carried on consistently is drawn based on Henri Lefebvre’s “social space” theory. The importance given to the waterfront and perception of the sea in the planning history, memories of the inhabitants of four coastal neighborhoods and the comments done during the personal interviews are examined within this framework. During the examination of past and present space-related experiences of citizens, Kevin Lynch’s proposals “image of the city” and “a good city form” are benefited to apprehend the reflection of changes in the area on the publicity of the coastal zone and perception of the sea.


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E. Muratoğlu, “Understanding perception of sea and publicity of coastal zone with a user-oriented approach:the case of Trabzon city,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments., Middle East Technical University, 2019.