Aims and experiences of Turkish woman rugby players and their coaches

Kocatürk, Eren
The purposes of this study were to examine the aims and experiences of the Turkish women rugby players and coaches in the sport. Research questions were asked: 1) why do women rugby players and their coaches participate in rugby? 2) What are the experiences of women rugby players and their coaches, including the perception of competence, confidence, connection, character (4Cs) and perceived use of teaching styles during the training? and 3) Which problems do the women rugby players and their coaches faced with during the rugby participation? Study participants were 69-woman rugby players and their coaches (n=7) from the eight out of 11 teams competing in 2018 Turkish Woman Rugby Championship League. Data on 4Cs of the athletes were collected by a validated survey package. Data on players’ perception of the coaches’ use of teaching methods was examined by the Coaches' Use of Teaching Methods Scale – Athlete Version. A semi-structured interview was conducted with coaches (n=7) and with the randomly selected three volunteer players (n=23) from seven teams to examine the aims and experiences of the players and coaches. Findings indicated that the main reason for rugby participation of women was the physical nature of the sport. Inventory findings on the perception of athletes' 4C outcomes were moderate to high. Coaches' use of teaching methods perceived by the players indicated the dominant use of coach-centered Reproductive methods. Players, as their experiences, mostly mentioned of physical benefits of rugby, and coaches reported personal social outcomes. Interview findings indicated several problems.


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E. Kocatürk, “Aims and experiences of Turkish woman rugby players and their coaches,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Physical Education and Sports., Middle East Technical University, 2019.