Serious leisure, motivation, experience value and behavioral intentions in charity sport event context

Yazıcı, Tub
Charity sport events are valuable in terms of both actively enjoying leisure time, obtaining amazing experiences, and fundraising for a nonprofit organization, thus serving a meaningful purpose. Charity sporting events need a specific research focus apart from other sporting events because “cause” and “activity” at hand have a direct and mutual effect on the interest and commitment of individuals to the event (Filo et al., 2009). A model integrating key variables from the studies of serious leisure, charity sport event participation motivation, the perceived value of experience and behavioral intentions were proposed and tested on the participants of charity sport events. Thereby, the present study tried to employ the concept of serious leisure to better understand participants’ behavioral intentions for charity sport events. The sample of the study consisted of individuals who participate in charity running events held in Turkey in 2019. Data for the pilot study were collected from 214 Turkish Garmin Salt Lake Ultra Trail charity runners. Participants composed of 140 (65.4%) males and 74 females (34.6%). The main study sample was comprised of charity runners participating in 41. İstanbul Marathon in 2019. 316 participants, 201 (63.6%) male, and 115 (36.4%) female were included in the main study for the proposed SEM model analysis. As a result of structural equation modeling, the model's fit indices were found between acceptable intervals (χ2 = 427.696; df = 114; χ2 / df = 3.75; GFI = 0.89; CFI = 0.91; RMSEA = 0.073; TLI = 0.90).
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T. Yazıcı, “Serious leisure, motivation, experience value and behavioral intentions in charity sport event context,” Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Physical Education and Sports., Middle East Technical University, 2020.