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Generating design briefs within multidisciplinary multinational organizations: a case in the Turkish automobile industry.

Özdemir, Özge
In multidisciplinary organizations in the new product development process, each department has its own duty. The requirements of a project should be met and the problems should be overcome by those departments. It is difficult for them to pass these duties to another department since the requirements of the final product is in question. At the beginning of the new product development process, the design brief should be formed and mapped out well. The purpose of this study is to present the importance of generating a well-conceived design brief efficiently. The study investigates the ways of creating an effective design brief to have a productive design solution, based on studies using methods of analysis following up the process of brief formulation, and in-depth interviews with the company’s main functional group members. The interviews address the brief generation and product development processes in the Turkey branch of a multinational automotive company. The interviews are carried out with representatives from different disciplines, to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of these processes, and the brief generation process in particular. The findings indicate that passing on of knowledge between departments and the global headquarter, effective multidisciplinary collaboration, the role of the brief in NPD process, and communication between departments and between the global headquarter are important in the formulation of the design brief.