American civil aviation security and its challenges throughout history: the case of 9/11.

Adıgüzel, Ece
In this thesis, it is aimed to explain the effects of 9/11 international terrorist attacks on American civil aviation security in the USA and to analyze the security perception and discourse created after this date. Along with globalization, both the source of terrorism and the threat and security perception have changed. This thesis emphasizes the difference between security and safety, development of technology, the power of discourse and the media, and examines the development process of civil aviation security in the United States. The legal arrangements and the changes in the airport / flight security rules made after the September 11 attacks are explained in detail. This study, which investigates the challenges and measures taken by the US since the aviation activities started and the impacts and consequences of the September 11 attacks, is important for a clear understanding of the current civil aviation security practices in the US.