A tool for designing robust autopilots for ramjet missiles

Kahvecioğlu, Alper
The study presented in this thesis comprises the development of the longitudinal autopilot algorithm for a ramjet powered air-to-surface missile. Ramjet Missiles have short time-of-flight, however they suffer from limited angle of attack margins due to poor operational-region characteristics of the ramjet engine. Because of such limitations and presence of uncertainties involved, Robust Control Techniques are used for the controller design. Robust Control Techniques not only provide an easy limitation/uncertainty/performance handling for MIMO systems, but also, robust controllers promise stability and performance even in the presence of uncertainties of a pre-defined class. All the design process is carried out in such a way that at the end of the study a tool has been developed, that can process raw aerodynamic data obtained by Missile DATCOM program, linearize the equations of motion, construct the system structure and design sub-optimal H? controllers to meet the requirements provided by the user. An autopilot which is designed by classical control techniques is used for performance and robustness comparison, and a non-linear simulation is used for validation. It is concluded that the code, which is very easy to modify for the specifications of other missile systems, can be used as a reliable tool in the preliminary design phases where there exists uncertainties/limitations and still can provide satisfactory results while making the design process much faster.
Citation Formats
A. Kahvecioğlu, “A tool for designing robust autopilots for ramjet missiles,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.