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An examination of organizational citizenship behaviour in a higher education institution.

Özaslan, Ece Nu
The responsibilities and tasks the university faculty members undertake can be explained by their interaction with the dynamics in an academic setting. It is under discussion how they perceive their duties and discretionary behaviours, which requires a thorough investigation of both organizational and individual issues to be addressed. This present study aims to describe the perspectives of academicians towards their profession reflecting their accounts on defining, explaining, and the motives of exhibiting the organizational citizenship behaviours taking into consideration the organizational context. The current study undertakes a single case design conducted in 2018-2019 academic year using a qualitative research method in one of the public universities in Turkey. The personal information form was used and semi-structured interviews were conducted with eleven faculty members. Electronic public document which is the strategic plan for the years of 2018-2022 was used as the third data collection tools. The results of the study suggest that the professional identity that the faculty members build based on individual and organizational characteristics underlie their perceptions of organizational citizenship behaviours. The perceived organizational values and the reciprocal relations with the colleagues and the organization itself form how they define in-role and extra-role behaviours displayed in a variety of academic work situations.