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Shooting and crying: representations of masculinity in Israeli cinema

Durul, Melte
In this study, masculinity representations presented in “shooting and crying” films of the 2000s Israeli cinema were analyzed by using critical discourse analysis method and the concepts presented by critical masculinity studies. In the films included in the mentioned genre, the manner in which the masculinity crisis is constructed, how it is produced and which mechanisms are used to get out of the crisis situation has been investigated within the framework of social power relations. In this thesis, based on the assumption that there is a fraction in the representation of masculinity in war films produced in the 2000s Israeli cinema, it is aimed to examine the effect of this fracture on the representation of the masculinity crisis and the means by which the crisis is presented. In this context, Beaufort, Waltz with Bashir and Lebanon films were dealt with and the male characters in these films were analyzed on the basis of the concepts of masculinity crisis, militarism and trauma.