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Effects of color on the perception of texture

Kılıç, Yağmur
Texture and color are essential design features which create hedonic and functional product qualities. They should be designed together to achieve the desired effects in product design. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of three colors; black, green, and orange, on the perception of three textures; radial, linear, and irregular. The chosen colors and textures are commonly used on the worldwide handheld communication radios. To discover the effects of the colors and the textures in terms of defined statements related with reliability, ruggedness, and ergonomics, an experiment was implemented with thirty-two handheld radio users. The experiment is composed of two stages. In Stage 1, participants rated thirteen statements while experiencing three samples, which have the radial, linear, and irregular textures, only by touching them from inside of a box. In Stage 2, participants rated the same statements with a bonus about aesthetics, while experiencing nine samples, which were created with the combination of the three textures and the three colors by seeing and touching together. The ratings were collected between one and seven. The scores of the samples in Stage 1 and Stage 2 were compared to find out the perception of the textures and the colors individually, and also to reveal the effects of the colors on the perception of texture. The results show that color has an effect on the perception of textures. The thesis presents the findings, and finally discusses their implications.