Nature inspired design paradigms for design ideation: a study on packaging design

Yıldırım, Nur
The objects in our daily lives and the natural entities that surround us are embedded with ingenious solutions, each of which is tailored for specific design problems. These essential forms, techniques and properties that originate in nature and human designs have led to an accumulation of strategies through years. There are various tools for the utilisation of these knowledge in design practice; nature inspired design approaches enable using nature’s models and principles for sustainable design solutions and paradigmatic approaches help to understand and interpret the essential workings in nature and objects to employ them as principles in problem solving. This study aims to explore the intersection of these two approaches and to investigate the effects of integrating this proposed model into the design process. A card based tool – Nature Design Paradigms Card Deck – was developed and utilised in a workshop exercise focusing on packaging design to analyse the implications of the approach. The conducted research showed that the tool supported the idea generation phase through accelerating and enhancing the process. The thesis discusses the development, implementation and evaluation of the approach with the assessments of design students and the exercise outcomes. ld appliances. The results of the study also suggest a new design strategy, namely eco-engage, for incorporating these considerations into product design for sustainability.
Citation Formats
N. Yıldırım, “Nature inspired design paradigms for design ideation: a study on packaging design,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.