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Clock synchronization algorithms on a software defined can controller: implementation and evaluation

Yalçın, Serkan
Many advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and in-vehicle applications require coordination for their safety-critical tasks. To achieve such a coordination, different electronic control units (ECUs) in the system should synchronize their clocks in order to share a global time. Although the controller area network (CAN) is the most widely used communication bus for the information exchange among ECUs, it does not support the required clock synchronization. Moreover, even several advanced clock synchronization methods for CAN have been suggested in the literature, they require modifications of the CAN driver, which is generally implemented in hardware and not accessible to modifications. The first aim of this thesis is the implementation of a software-defined CAN controller (SDCC) which enables modifications to the standard CAN driver. This SDCC is compatible to standard CAN controllers. The second aim of the thesis is the realization of new clock synchronization algorithms for CAN based on the SDCC including modifications to the classical CAN driver. The performance of the new algorithms is evaluated and compared to existing clock synchronization algorithms for CAN.