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Teachers’ perception of learning organization culture in regards to teaching and learning practices in a private school in Turkey

Sarnel, Deni
The purpose of this study is to gain insight into how private school teachers in Turkey perceive learning organization culture and how they reflect this concept to their teaching and learning practices. This research claims that; a school must understand and implement the five disciplines of a learning organization asserted by Peter Senge and leadership plays an essential role in creating and maintaining this culture. In-depth interviews with an open-ended structure were used to address the intended research problem. In this research, semi-structured interviews were carried out with 24 participants on their working life experiences concerning their perseverance of learning organization. The gathered qualitative data were interpreted by the thematic analysis method. Results showed that teachers often identify the learning organization as self-updating, inferring errors, getting feedback and applying effective production methods. In addition, it was determined that the participants perceived the learning organization from different perspectives and reflected this to the teaching practices in different ways.