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A lessons-learned tool for organizational learning in construction

Organizational learning has been identified as a core competency for project-based companies with industry specific challenges. In this study, it is hypothesized that a web-based lessons learned management system may help construction companies to manage lessons learned effectively. A lessons learned management process model (LLMPM) was proposed for capturing and transferring knowledge across projects. Expert review meetings with participants from both academia and private sector were carried out to develop LLMPM. The identified requirements were actualized through generation of a web-based IT tool (LinCTool) with abilities of capturing, storing and disseminating lessons learned. Black-box testing was used to verify LinCTool and interviews were conducted with experts as final testing to evaluate its effectiveness and usability. Results show that LinCTool has a potential to enhance organizational learning in companies by assigning multiple users having different responsibilities/roles in the learning process, categorizing lessons learned using a taxonomy and retrieving lessons learned considering project similarities.