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Parental rejection and life adversities of adults: examining the mediational components of self-defeating patterns

Akyüz Yılmaz, Cansu
The purpose of the study was to examine the associations between parental rejection and psychological problems (psychopathology symptoms and personality disorders), and to investigate the effects of self-criticism, interpersonal problems, and self-defeating patterns on these associations. The mediating role of self-defeating patterns on the associations between parental rejection, psychopathology symptoms and personality disorders were also investigated. The study was conducted in two stages as psychometric study and main study, there are 354 participants in psychometric study, 581 participants in main study. In the psychometric part of the study, Self-Defeating Interpersonal Style Scale was adapted to Turkish, and psychometric properties of the adapted inventory was analyzed and was found to have good validity v and reliability characteristics. Differences in demographic variables and correlational data for the measures were examined. For the main analyses two sets of hierarchical regression analyses were conducted to investigate the paths between the variables of the current study. In addition, mediation analyses were conducted to investigate the roles of self-defeating interpersonal style domains on the relationship of parental rejection and psychological problems. In the line with expectations, parental rejection, self-criticism, self-defeating patterns and interpersonal problems significantly associated with psychological problems. Moreover, mediation effect of self-defeating interpersonal style was found on the relationship of parental rejection and psychological problems. The findings of the study and their clinical implications were discussed in the light of current literature.