Moment-rotation and moment deglection relationship in a pretensioned prestressed concrete beam.

Eke, Şinasi


Moment curvatura relationship for R/C sections-with upplications to shear walls.
Akbas, Halit Levent; Department of Civil Engineering (1985)
Lateral stiffness estimation in frames and its implementation to continuum models for linear and nonlinear static analysis
EROĞLU AZAK, TUBA; Akkar, Dede Sinan (2011-08-01)
Continuum model is a useful tool for approximate analysis of tall structures including moment-resisting frames and shear wall-frame systems. In continuum model, discrete buildings are simplified such that their overall behavior is described through the contributions of flexural and shear stiffnesses at the story levels. Therefore, accurate determination of these lateral stiffness components constitutes one of the major issues in establishing reliable continuum models even if the proposed solution is an appr...
Shape Interpolation via Multiple Curves
Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (null; 2018-10-11)
We present a method that interpolates new shapes between a given pair of source and target shapes. To this end, we utilize a database of related shapes that is used to replace the direct transition from the source to the target by a composition of small transitions. This so-called data-driven interpolation scheme proved useful as long as the database is sufficiently large. We advance this idea one step further by processing the database shapes part by part, which in turn enables realistic interpolations wit...
Position estimation for timing belt drives of precision machinery using structured neural networks
KILIÇ, Ergin; DOĞRUER, CAN ULAŞ; Dölen, Melik; Koku, Ahmet Buğra (2012-05-01)
This paper focuses on a viable position estimation scheme for timing-belt drives using artificial neural networks. In this study, the position of a carriage (load) is calculated via a structured neural network topology accepting input from a position sensor on the actuator side of the timing belt. The paper presents a detailed discussion on the source of transmission errors. The characteristics of the error in different operation regimes are exploited to construct different network topologies. That is, a re...
Period doubling cascade in glow discharges: Local versus global differential conductivity
SIJACIC, DD; EBERT, U; Rafatov, İsmail (American Physical Society (APS), 2004-11-01)
Short planar glow discharges coupled to a resistive layer exhibit a wealth of spontaneous spatiotemporal patterns. Due to similarities with other pattern forming systems that are described by reaction-diffusion models, several authors have tried to derive such models from discharge physics. We investigate the temporal oscillations of the discharge system and find a cascade of period doubling events. This shows that the inner structure of the discharge is more complex than can be described by a two-component...
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Ş. Eke, “Moment-rotation and moment deglection relationship in a pretensioned prestressed concrete beam.,” Middle East Technical University, 1964.