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Generation of the 2018 Tsunami on Sulawesi Island: Possible Sources

Zaytsev, A. I.
Pelinovsky, E. N.
Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet
Susmoro, H.
Prasetya, G.
Hidayat, R.
Dolgikh, G. I.
Dolgikh, S. G.
Kurkin, A. A.
Dogan, G.
Zahibo, N.
Pronin, P. I.
Numerical simulation of a tsunami from September 28, 2018, on Sulawesi Island (Indonesia) is carried out. It is shown that the observed distribution of tsunami heights within a large area can be explained by the direct effect of a strong earthquake, whereas in the source zone (area of the city of Palu) it was produced by an underwater landslide.