Evaluation of the physico-mechanical parameters affecting the deterioration rate of Ahlat ignimbrites (Bitlis, Turkey)

Özvan, Ali
Dincer, Ismail
Topal, Tamer
The paper principally focuses on the durability assessment of various stratigraphic levels of Ahlat ignimbrites collected from the eastern region of Turkey. A total of four different ignimbrite types with dissimilar color, texture and particularly welding degree were tested in laboratory. The laboratory tests performed on the ignimbrite specimens indicate that the welding degree as well as the lithic material content mainly controls the strength and capillarity properties of the ignimbrites. In addition, the durability of highly porous ignimbrites strongly depends upon the degree of welding. The effect of several weathering agents on the ignimbrites was evaluated on the basis of decay constant parameter. Accordingly, salt and ice crystallization pressures are a couple of major destructive agents acting within the micropores of the ignimbrites. Conversely, the investigated specimens are relatively durable against cyclic wetting-drying. Statistical evaluations reveal that the pore diameter is the major controlling factor on the deterioration rate of the ignimbrites after specifically recurrent freeze-thaw cycles. Moreover, the dry unit weight of the ignimbrites is more significant than the uniaxial compressive strength considering the deterioration rates during wetting-drying and salt crystallization. A less significant relationship was obtained between pore diameter and salt crystallization decay constant.


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