Accurate solutions of scattering problems involving low-contrast dielectric objects with surface integral equations

We present the stabilization of the surface integral equationsfor accurate solutions of scattering problems involvinglow-contrast dielectric objects. Unlike volume formulations,conventional surface formulations fail to provide accurateresults for the scatteredfields when the contrast of theobject is small. Therefore, surface formulations are requiredto be stabilized by extracting the nonradiating parts of theequivalent currents. In addition to previous strategies forthe stabilization, we introduce a novel procedure calledfield-based stabilization (FBS) based on usingfictitiousincidentfields and rearranging the right-hand-side of theequations. The results show that the formulations usingFBS provide accurate results even for scattering problemsinvolving extremely low-contrast objects, while the extra costdue to the stabilization procedure is negligible.