Synthesis and characterization of conducting graft copolymers based on oligophenols

Sahmetlioglu, Ertugrul
Arikan, Ufuk
Toppare, Levent Kamil
Yuruk, Huseyin
Mart, Hasan
Oligo-2-aminophenol (OAF) was synthesized with oxidative polycondensation of 2-aminophenol and hydrogen peroxide in an aqueous alkaline medium at 80 degrees C. Oligo-2-aminophenol with thiophene side groups (TOAF) was obtained by the reaction of OAF and thiophene-3-acetic acid. Graft copolymers of TOAF and pyrrole were synthesized by electrochemical polymerization in p-toluene sulfonic acid (PTSA)/water medium. Characterization of the graft copolymer (TOAF-g-Py), was carried out by combination of techniques including thermal gravimetry (TGA), cyclic voltametry, size-exclusion chromatography, H-1-NMR and FTIR. The conductivities were measured by the four-probe technique.