Mechanical and microstructural evaluations of hot formed titanium sheets by electrical resistance heating process

Ozturk, Fahrettin
Ece, Remzi Ecmel
Polat, Naki
Koksal, Arif
Evis, Zafer
Polat, Aytekin
In this study, effect of temperature in the electrical resistance heating process on mechanical properties and microstructures of commercially pure titanium grade 2 (CP2) and Ti-6Al-4V (T64) alloy sheets was investigated. Sheets were successfully heated by the electric resistance heating process, and their mechanical properties and microstructures were evaluated. Ductilities of both materials were increased significantly after 400 degrees C. Results indicate that no significant change was observed in grain sizes and microhardness of the materials. XRD analysis revealed that presence of secondary phases regarding oxidation of Ti was observed for 164 alloy above the manufacturer specified temperature ranges. However, no secondary phase was observed even above the manufacturer specified temperature ranges for CP2.