turboTDDFT - A code for the simulation of molecular spectra using the Liouville-Lanczos approach to time-dependent density-functional perturbation theory

Malcıoğlu, Osman Barış
Rocca, Dario
Baroni, Stefano
We introduce turboTDDFT, an implementation of the Liouville-Lanczos approach to linearized time-dependent density-functional theory, designed to simulate the optical spectra of molecular systems made of up to several hundred atoms. turboTDDFT is open-source software distributed under the terms of the GPL as a component of QUANTUM ESPRESSO. As with other components, turboTDDFT is optimized to run on a variety of different platforms, from laptops to massively parallel architectures, using native mathematical libraries (LAPACK and FFTW) and a hierarchy of custom parallelization layers built on top of MPI.


PETOOL v2.0: Parabolic Equation Toolbox with evaporation duct models and real environment data
ÖZGÜN, ÖZLEM; Sahin, Volkan; Erguden, Muhsin Eren; Apaydin, Gokhan; YILMAZ, ASIM EGEMEN; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa; SEVGİ, LEVENT (Elsevier BV, 2020-11-01)
A new version of PETOOL (Parabolic Equation Toolbox) is introduced with various additional capabilities. PETOOL is an open-source and MATLAB-based software tool with a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for the analysis and visualization of electromagnetic wave propagation over variable terrain and through arbitrary atmosphere. Four novel features of the second version are as follows: (i) Several evaporation duct models have been developed. (ii) Real atmosphere data have been included in the form ...
Interfacial and structural properties of sputtered HfO2 layers
AYGÜN ÖZYÜZER, GÜLNUR; Yıldız, İlker (AIP Publishing, 2009-07-01)
Magnetron sputtered HfO2 layers formed on a heated Si substrate were studied by spectroscopic ellipsometer (SE), x-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) depth profiling techniques. The results show that the formation of a SiOx suboxide layer at the HfO2/Si interface is unavoidable. The HfO2 thickness and suboxide formation are highly affected by the growth parameters such as sputtering power, O-2/Ar gas ratio during sputtering, sputtering time, ...
Discretization error due to the identity operator in surface integral equations
Ergül, Özgür Salih (Elsevier BV, 2009-10-01)
We consider the accuracy of surface integral equations for the solution of scattering and radiation problems in electromagnetics. In numerical solutions, second-kind integral equations involving well-tested identity operators are preferable for efficiency, because they produce diagonally-dominant matrix equations that can be solved easily with iterative methods. However, the existence of the well-tested identity operators leads to inaccurate results, especially when the equations are discretized with low-or...
Direct magnetic imaging of ferromagnetic domain structures by room temperature scanning hall probe microscopy using a bismuth micro-hall probe
SANDHU, ADARSH; MASUDA, HİROSHİ; Oral, Ahmet; BENDİNG, SİMON J (IOP Publishing, 2001-05-15)
A bismuth micro-Hall probe sensor with an integrated scanning tunnelling microscope tip was incorporated into a room temperature scanning Hall probe microscope system and successfully used for the direct magnetic imaging of microscopic domains of low coercivity perpendicular garnet thin films and demagnetized strontium ferrite permanent magnets. At a driving current of 800 muA, the Hall coefficient, magnetic field sensitivity and spatial resolution of the Bi probe were 3.3 x 10(-4) Omega /G, 0.38 G/root Hz ...
Surface morphological evolution on single crystal films by strong anisotropic drift diffusion under capillary and electromigration forces
Ogurtani, Tarik Omer; Celik, Aytac (AIP Publishing, 2006-08-15)
The morphological evolution of voids at unpassivated surfaces and the sidewalls of single crystal metallic films is investigated via computer simulations by using a mathematical model based on fundamental postulates of irreversible thermodynamics. The effect of drift-diffusion anisotropy on the development of surface morphological scenarios is explored under the action of electromigration (EM) and capillary forces, utilizing numerous combinations of the surface texture and the direction of the applied elect...
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O. B. Malcıoğlu, D. Rocca, and S. Baroni, “turboTDDFT - A code for the simulation of molecular spectra using the Liouville-Lanczos approach to time-dependent density-functional perturbation theory,” COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS, pp. 1744–1754, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/47263.