Stability of single-bay portal frames on elastic supports.

Bilgili, Hasan


Stability of random beam-column subjected to stochastic excitation.
Üztüğ, Halil Emin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1974)
IDER, SK (1996-01-03)
In this paper inverse dynamics of redundant multibody systems using a minimum number of control forces is formulated. It is shown that the control forces and the task accelerations may become noncausal at certain configurations, yielding the dynamical equation set of the system to be singular. For a given set of tasks, each different set of actuators leads to a different system motion and also to different singular configurations. To avoid the singularities in the numerical solution, the dynamical equations...
Stability of small-scale generators in parallel with interconnected system
Ayözcan, Mehmet Sait; Özay, Nevzat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1991)
Stability of parallel non-newtonian flows
Özgen, Serkan (1997-01-01)
De-/anti-icing fluids are sprayed on aircraft wings to prevent dangerous loss of performance due to ice formation. The residual layers of such fluids which may either be of newtonian or non-newtonian character could also adversely effect the performance of the aircraft. Therefore it is important to investigate the stability characteristics of such fluids. Stability problem for non-newtonian fluids (power-law fluids in particular) has been solved using the linear stability theory for nearly parallel flows.
Stability of a Compass Gait Walking Model with Series Elastic Ankle Actuation
Kerimoglu, Deniz; Morgul, Omer; Saranlı, Uluç (2015-07-31)
Passive dynamic walkers exhibit stable human-like walking on inclined planes. The simplest model of this behavior is the well known passive compass gait (PCG) model, which consists of a point mass at the hip and two stick legs. Due to their passive nature, these systems rely on a sloped ground to recover energy lost to ground collisions. A variety of methods have been proposed to eliminate this requirement by using different actuation methods. In this study, we propose a simple model to investigate how seri...
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H. Bilgili, “Stability of single-bay portal frames on elastic supports.,” Middle East Technical University, 1965.