Stability of random beam-column subjected to stochastic excitation.

Üztüğ, Halil Emin


Stability of single-bay portal frames on elastic supports.
Bilgili, Hasan; Department of Civil Engineering (1965)
Stability and vibrations of elastic thick walled cylindrical shells subjected to finite twist.
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Stability of (N+1) -body fermion clusters in a multiband Hubbard model
Iskin, M.; Keleş, Ahmet (2022-9-01)
We start with a variational approach and derive a set of coupled integral equations for the bound states of N identical spin-↑ fermions and a single spin-↓ fermion in a generic multiband Hubbard Hamiltonian with an attractive on-site interaction. As an illustration, we apply our integral equations to the one-dimensional sawtooth lattice up to N≤3, i.e., to the (3+1)-body problem, and we reveal not only the presence of tetramer states in this two-band model but also their quasiflat dispersion when formed in...
Stability of the zero solution of impulsive differential equations by Lyapunov second method.
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Stability and vibrations of compressible hyperelastic cylindrical shells
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H. E. Üztüğ, “Stability of random beam-column subjected to stochastic excitation.,” Middle East Technical University, 1974.