The Role of Additive Manufacturing in the Era of Industry 4.0

Dilberoglu, Ugur M.
Yaman, Ulaş
Dölen, Melik
The latest industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, is encouraging the integration of intelligent production systems and advanced information technologies. Additive manufacturing (AM) is considered to be an essential ingredient in this new movement. In this paper, a comprehensive review on AM technologies is presented together with both its contributions to Industry 4.0. The review focusses on three important aspects of AM: recent advances on material science, process development, and enhancements on design consideration. The main objective of the paper is to classify the current knowledge (and technological trends) on AM and to highlight its potential uses.
Procedia Manufacturing


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With the rapid advances in technology, virtual reality(VR) re-emerged as an affordable technology providing new potentials for virtual learning environments(VLE). Within the scope of this study, firstly a general perspective on potentials of VR to create an appropriate VLE is put forward regarding the potentials related with learning modalities. Then, VR as a VLE in architectural education is discussed and utilization of VR is revisited considering the fundamentals of education as how to enhance skills rega...
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