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Comparative study of factors affecting public acceptance of mining projects: Evidence from USA, China and Turkey

Que, Sisi
Awuah-Offei, Kwame
Demirel, Ayhan
Wang, Liang
Demirel, Nuray
Chen, Yao
Discrete choice theory has been shown to be a viable way to study individual preferences for resource development. However, only a limited amount of literature assesses the effect of culture, socio-economic, historical, and regulatory factors on the classification of factors that are important to individual preferences for resource development used in designing valid discrete choice experiments. This work seeks to assess differences in the levels of importance among the determinants of public acceptance of mining projects due to differences in cultural, regulatory, socio-economic, and historical contexts. This will be accomplished by comparing the levels of importance as reported by respondents in the United States, China and Turkey.