The purification and kinetics of wheat germ lipase

Fadıloğlu (Atay), Sibel


The growth and characterization of galium selenide thin films
Çolakoğlu, Tahir; Parlak, Mehmet; Department of Physics (2003)
The synthesis and characterization of thioglycolic acid and thiourea capped fluorescent zinc sulfide nanoparticles
Mertoğlu, Cemre; Volkan, Mürvet; Department of Chemistry (2021-6)
The changes in mitochondrial bioenergetics due to DNA mutations lead to an increase in the significance of mitochondria imaging of cancer cells. Since fluorescent imaging provides high resolution, sensitivity, and selectivity to many targets in living cells, fluorescent nanoparticles can be used as imaging probes. Zinc is one of the essential elements in cells used for cell growth, division, and apoptosis. Therefore, zinc sulfide semiconductor nanoparticles have been attracted attention due to its character...
The formation and characterization of cyclodextrin functionalized polystyrene nanofibers produced by electrospinning
Uyar, Tamer; Havelund, Rasmus; Hacaloğlu, Jale; Zhou, Xingfei; Besenbacher, Flemming; Kingshott, Peter (2009-05-18)
Polystyrene (PS) nanofibers containing the inclusion complex forming beta-cyclodextrin (β-CD) were successfully produced by electrospinning aimed at developing functional fibrous nanowebs. By optimization of the electrospinning parameters, which included varying the relative concentration of PS and β-CD in the solutions, bead-free fibers were produced. Homogeneous solutions of β-CD and PS in dimethylformamide (DMF) were used with concentrations of PS varying from 10% to 25% (w/v, with respect to DMF), and β...
The characterization of polyaniline and polypyrrole composites by pyrolysis mass spectrometry
Hacaloğlu, Jale; Kücukyavuz, Zühal (2009-09-05)
hi this work, direct insertion probe pyrolysis mass spectrometry technique was applied to investigate the thermal and structural characteristics of electrochemically prepared polyaniline (PANI), polypyrrole (PPy), and their composites/copolymers synthesized either by electrochemical polymerization of pyrrole on PANI-coated electrode (PANI/PPy) or by coating PANI on PPy (PPy/PANI) in H(2)SO(4) solutions. It has been determined that the polymer first coated on the electrode degraded to a certain extent during...
The preparation and characterization of zeolite confined rhodium(0) nanoclusters: a heterogeneous catalyst for the hydrogen generation from the methanolysis of ammonia-borane
Çalışkan, Salim; Özkar, Saim; Department of Chemistry (2010)
Among the new hydrogen storage materials, ammonia borane (AB) appears to be the most promising one as it has high hydrogen content, high stability, and being environmentally benign. Dehydrogenation of AB can be achieved via hydrolysis, thermolysis or methanolysis. Methanolysis of AB eliminates some drawbacks of other dehydrogenation reactions of AB. The use of colloidal and supported particles as more active catalyst than their bulky counterparts for the hydrolysis of AB implies that reducing the particle s...
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S. Fadıloğlu (Atay), “The purification and kinetics of wheat germ lipase,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.