Bio yakıtla çalışan küçük gaz türbinli motor dönüşümü ve performans karşılaştırması

Akmandor, Sinan İbrahim
Uzol, Oğuz
Karaca, Mehmet
Since the flow and the combustion processes are continious, the limitations for fuel for gas turbines is much less when compared with other types of engines. Gas turbines enable the use of low calorific value biofuels. Gas turbines can use wide range of fuels from natural gas at cogeneration plants to Kerozene on aircraft engines. Nowadays, increase in the petrol prizes increase tendancy to use bio-fuels in gas turbines for energy generation. Bio-fuels has the potential to contribute a significant portion of the electricity consumed in Turkey. In addition it provides an alternative to fosil-fuel-based energy and creates a new market for agriculture. Multifuel useage capability will increase efficient reliable operations of gas turbine enginesCombined heat and power systems using biofuels will widely spread in the energy industry and greatly contribute to the economy of our country. The prior consideration in the project will be investigation of true air-fuel ratio, pressure and temperature on bio-fuel cobustion for high efficiecy. During the operation of the engine the property of the flow incoming to the combustion chamber varies. Ideal air to fuel ratios for various operating points will be obtained, and the results will be veifyed exğerimentally. Varying calorific value of the fuel will arise need for varying fuel flow rate for efficient combustion, to achieve efficient combustion using bio-fuels is one of the most important outcome of the work. At the end of the project, the results of the previously submitted thesis at the Aerospace Engineering Department will be used as to obtain performans characteristics of rotating components evaluating the measurments taken from the gas turbine. According to results obtained through the component performance estimation analysis, the modifications required to permit operation on Biofuel will be designed and applied to gas turbine.Finally, the system will be operated, and for comparing the efficiency and performance of the ststem with various types of fuel.
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S. İ. Akmandor, O. Uzol, and M. Karaca, “Bio yakıtla çalışan küçük gaz türbinli motor dönüşümü ve performans karşılaştırması,” 2009. Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: