Sondaj sıvılarına eklenen sıvı kayganlaştırıcıların performans analizi

Performanca Analysis of Liquid Lubricants Added to the Drilling Fluids ; Excessive torque is one of the most important problems in oil/gas drilling industry. Friction between wellbore/casing and drill string causes excessive torque. This study discusses performance analysis of drilling fluid lubricants, which are used as friction reducers in well-bore. Three different types of commercial chemical lubricants, which are fatty acid and glycerid based, triglycerid and vegetable oil based and polypropylene glycol based, diesel oil, and crude oil, which consists of different API gravity, paraffin and asphaltene value samples, were selected for the analysis. In the analysis, different lubricant compositions with the mixture of commercial chemical lubricants, crude oil and diesel oil, which were added to water based lignosulfonate mud, are tested on metal-metal contact surface by OFITE Lubricity Tester to determine the best lubricity/cost ratio of lubricant compositions. Moreover, effects of the lubricants on mud rheology and API fluid loss of mud, foam forming potential and cheesing/greasing of the lubricants and the influence of mud properties on lubricants (calcium, salt, pH and mud density) are examined.
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M. V. Kök and R. Özel, “Sondaj sıvılarına eklenen sıvı kayganlaştırıcıların performans analizi,” 2012. Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: