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Effective Communicatıon Of User Research Outcomes In Design For Well-Being: Adaptation Of The Design Well-Being Matrix In A Pregnancy Case

Günay, Aslı
Effective communication of user research deliverables plays a crucial role during all design processes to effectively and meaningfully inform design decisions. As newly introduced materials, such as frameworks and tools, in emergent fields are actually mediums for communicating information in different phases of research, effective communication of them would foster the development of a shared and established language, and thus, robust progression of these fields. This paper investigates effective communication of user research outcomes in rising "design for well-being" field. Considering designers' needs from user research deliverables, the paper provides recommendations about effective communication of design for well-being focused research outcomes through further development of an existing design for well-being framework. The example case involves the utilisation of the Design Well-Being Matrix as an analysis, synthesis, and communication tool in a study on characteristics of digital health technologies that aim at enhancing the well-being of pregnant women. The case shows that the flexible structure of such tools, which still provide clear well-being focused take-off points for designers; diversity of use scenarios; and expandable opportunities by considering the dimensions of user research deliverables that would increase empathy, inspiration, and engagement are important.