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DİŞLİ, Gülşen
ÖZCAN, Zühal
The need for heating of the body and space is among the main requirements of human survival. Therefore, heating technologies are essential. However, in situ observation of heating systems in historical buildings - either for the purposes of diagnosis and monitoring purposes of old technologies or for their maintenance and preservation - is quite limited, and more thorough analyses are necessary. There are a few studies on the heating systems of Roman and Turkish baths in Anatolia, but not much research has been conducted on other building types. Hence, this manuscript examines thirteenth century Anatolian Seljuk period hospitals, (darussifas) - the primary places for the treatment of patients - in order to investigate the development and use of different heating systems in historic buildings. This manuscript consists of an in-depth study of historic hospitals, carried out through literature review, historical survey, archival research, field observations, and comparative analysis. Most heating systems and complementary elements observed in historic hospitals are not functioning at present due to inappropriate interventions, lack of maintenance, deterioration, and overall changes in living practices. Thus, the examination of heating systems in historic hospitals in this study could be useful not only for the assessment of such functional systems, but also for understanding their technological development in order to determine effective conservation measures.