Tarihselcilik-Tarihsicilik [Historicism]: Bir Mimarlık Terminoloji Tartışması Ve 2000’ler Türkiyesinde Tarihsici Mimarlık

Gurallar, Neşe
The word "historicism" has mostly been translated as "tarihselcilik" in Turkish architectural history writing and criticism. However, "tarihsicilik" can also be used in the discussions around the concept of the "historicism". This article begins by defining the two terms "tarihselcilik" and "tarihsicilik", which can be helpful to differentiate the different approaches of "historicism". Following these discussions on historicism in Turkish architectural history writing and criticism, the article then suggests that the term "tarihsici", which has been largely neglected, should be used to define the architectural products of Turkey especially in the first decade of the 21st century in which historical references were largely used to produce new architectural forms.


Personifying history: Vernon Lee and re-imagining the Florentine renaissance
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Birinci Ulusal Mimarlık Dönemi İzmir Konutu: Yerellik ve Melezlik
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Ankara “Yeni Şehir”in Kuruluşu: “Erken Cumhuriyet Konutu”nu Anlamak
Cengizkan, Ali (ODTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi, 2022-6)
Bir Şehir Kurmak: Ankara 1923-1933 sergi ve kitap çalışması, erken Cumhuriyet mimarlığı üzerine, özellikle de Ankara ve dönemin mimarisi konusunda çok farklı yönlerden açılımlar getirdi. Dönemin yeni Ankara’sı olan Yeni Şehir’in fotoğraflarla temellendirilerek modellenmesi, bu sırada 1300’e yakın çok özgün sayıda fotoğraf, hava fotoğrafı ve sınırlı da olsa döneme ilişkin mimari proje çizimlerinden yararlanılması, özelde Ankara’daki 350 yapılık Yeni Şehir bölgesine, genelde bütün Türkiye’de söz konusu 1923-1...
Self-reflexivity in postmodernist texts : a comparative study of the works of John Fowles and Orhan Pamuk
Saraçoğlu, Semra; Sönmez, Margaret Jeanne M.; Department of Foreign Language Education (2003)
This dissertation makes a comparative analysis of the self-reflexivity in the novels of one British and one Turkish writer - John Fowles and Orhan Pamuk. The study restricts itself to three novels by each writer. In making this analysis under the light of Robert Scholes₂s theory of "reality, "and making use of Linda Hutcheon's classification of self-reflexivity, and Jacque Lacan's The Mirror Stage, it is argued that both Fowles and Pamuk create worlds within worlds which are similar to but different from ea...
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