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Tarihselcilik-Tarihsicilik [Historicism]: Bir Mimarlık Terminoloji Tartışması Ve 2000’ler Türkiyesinde Tarihsici Mimarlık

Gurallar, Neşe
The word "historicism" has mostly been translated as "tarihselcilik" in Turkish architectural history writing and criticism. However, "tarihsicilik" can also be used in the discussions around the concept of the "historicism". This article begins by defining the two terms "tarihselcilik" and "tarihsicilik", which can be helpful to differentiate the different approaches of "historicism". Following these discussions on historicism in Turkish architectural history writing and criticism, the article then suggests that the term "tarihsici", which has been largely neglected, should be used to define the architectural products of Turkey especially in the first decade of the 21st century in which historical references were largely used to produce new architectural forms.