Sanayi Kümelerinde Ağlarin Mekansal Örüntüsü: İstanbul Kuyumculuk Sektörü Üretim Ağları

Armatlı Köroğlu , Bilge
Özelçi Eceral , Tanyel
Varol, Çiğdem
The aim of this paper is to analyse the spatial pattern of networks of Istanbul jewellery cluster, based on the data collected from the sample firms through in-depth interviews. The theoretical debates and the existing empirical studies show that, local linkages are necessary to describe the clusters. However, some of the recent studies emphasize the importance of global networks to complete the local networks in clusters. The paper focuses on two main research questions: Does the spatial pattern of networks from local to global differ according to the type of linkages? And, is it possible to redefine spatial proximity in the context of clusters? This paper looks for the answers to these questions by the findings of the field survey, based on the analysis of 314 jewellery production firms in Istanbul. The findings clearly show the importance of different levels of networking from local to global level to describe the cluster. Moreover, the paper provides evidence that different types of relations show different spatial patterns of networking. On the other hand, the meaning of proximity changes related to some characteristics of linkages, such as the type of linkages or the historical roots of linkages.

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B. Armatlı Köroğlu, T. Özelçi Eceral, and Ç. Varol, “Sanayi Kümelerinde Ağlarin Mekansal Örüntüsü: İstanbul Kuyumculuk Sektörü Üretim Ağları,” METU JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: