Marketable Emotions or Engaging Experiences: Towards a Conquest of Emotionality in Design

This paper attempts an analysis of the body of texts offered within the boundaries of the design and emotion movement, in order to explicate the logic of marketing and advertising underlying its most prominent statements. In this manner, it is aimed to answer the question of novelty of the movement, as well as to evaluate whether the movement is capable of satisfying its declared aspirations; namely, providing the user with richer, more engaging and, therefore, prolonged experiences with products. This is realized by, firstly, facilitating a reading of the classification of emotions offered by the movement, more specifically the categories offered by Desmet and Hekkert (2007), and comparing the way they function to the serniological structure of advertising as formulated by Williamson (2004), and the system of consumption as elaborated by Baudrillard (1981, 1970). It is thus revealed. how the concept of emotion is utilized to naturalize the intricacies of the consumer society. Then, attention is directed to the arguments within the movement which advocate the inclusion of the so-called emotional needs into usability studies. In this manner, the significance of the concept of need in the system of consumption as a mediator between subject and object is discussed and the novelty of the movement is sought within this novel way in which it attempts to connect the subject (of consumption) and the object (of consumption) through emotional needs.


Analysis of the narrative constructed around products : a case study on tupperware products
Karademir Arun, Banu; Işık Tüneri, Figen; Department of Industrial Design (2007)
This study primarily aims to examine the ways in which the social and cultural meanings are utilized to construct a narrative around a product. Thus, a narrative analysis is employed by conducting a case study on Tupperware products, mainly due to the recognition that a comprehensive narrative, which is elaborated by social and cultural meanings, is constructed around Tupperware products because of the unique retailing technique.
Marketing demographics, advertising semiotics : the case of Akşam Newspaper
Bakan, M Aslı; Mutman (Yeğenoğlu), Meyda; Department of Sociology (2003)
The main aim of this thesis is to discuss conflicting opinions about the existence, targets and the system of advertising and to examine its effects on purchasing behaviors. Another important aim of the study is to demonstrate that advertising is an important but not the sole factor which increases the sales of a product. The study focuses on the relationship between the capitalist industry and consumers̕ purchasing decisions. It discusses the effects of marketing strategies on consumer behaviors and purcha...
Influence of Aesthetic Properties on Stimulating Emotional Responses
Sevener, Zeynep; Asatekin, Mehmet (2019-4-1)
The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework that demonstrates the role of aesthetic properties in stimulating emotional experiences. The framework is constructed as the answer to the question: "What are the consequences of the stimulus of aesthetic properties on product related emotions and experiences?”. The focus of the study is in investigating the links between the visual qualities of the products and the emotional experiences. The immediate sensorial experiences transpire during the initial ste...
Empirical assessment of the influence of aesthetic properties on product pleasure
Sevener, Zeynep; Asatekin, Mehmet; Department of Industrial Design (2003)
This thesis analyzes the influence of the aesthetic properties of products on inducing the feeling of product pleasure on consumers. The emergence of the pleasurability issue and pleasure-based product design approach are presented to provide the background. The connection between the pleasurable products and the aesthetic properties is examined since the aesthetic properties are the contributors of product pleasure. The aesthetic properties of the products are identified. The importance of the properties w...
Design directions for product attacment and sustainability through enabling user involvement
Bilgin, Pelin; Turhan, Senem; Department of Industrial Design (2022-2)
This thesis study aims to explore the ways for considering product attachment in the early phases of design within the context of a field study. The influence of user involvement on product attachment was taken into consideration as the focus of the study. The study includes an extensive literature review along with preliminary research aimed at exploring the field. To explore the relationship between user involvement and product attachment, a diverse group of participants, who were able to strengthen their...
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