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A basin-wide Black Sea Mnemiopsis leidyi database

Vladymyrov, Volodymyr
Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan
Myroshnychenko, Volodymyr
Slipetsky, Denis
Shiganova, Tamara
Abolmasova, Galina
Bingel, Ferit
Tezcan, Devrim
Ak, Yesim
Anninsky, Boris
Bat, Levent
Finenko, Galina
Gorbunov, Vladimir
Isinibilir, Melek
Kamburska, Lyudmila
Mihneva, Veselina
Ozdemir, Zekiye
Romanova, Zinaida
Sergeyeva, Oleksandra
Stefanova, Kremena
Xalvashi, Meri
A specific marine biological data management tool, the Black Sea Mnemiopsis leidyi database system was created within the European Commission 6th framework Black Sea SCENE project for the Black Sea region and is now being supported by the Permanent Secretariat of the Black Sea Commission. The core team of scientists studying M. leidyi in the Black Sea was brought together and all their available M. leidyi data and metadata were loaded into the common database. This works on the Internet and has a simple user interface. It gives Black Sea scientists the option to load all their corresponding data on the database and to use it as an effective tool to work both with M. leidyi and, in future, with other gelatinous organisms' data, including another invasive ctenophore Beroe ovata. All loaded metadata and historical data are available to the entire scientific community. More recent data are available to the team members and with some restrictions - to other scientists.