Further Notes On Architectural Representation In Miniatures: The Case Of Hexagonal Buildings

Üstünkök, Okan
In the latter half of this century, a wealth of classificatory, descriptive, and interpretative material has accumulated on Eastern miniature painting. There is still a certain degree of persistent overlook, however, in identifying the technical manner of representation of architectural objects found in a large number of these miniatures. The particular reference here is to depicting in miniature paintings a building, a part of a building, or a free-standing object like a tent, a canopy, a throne or sometimes even a simple utilitarian table either as background or appurtenance to a scene. Although it is widely acknowledged that Eastern miniature painters represented reality in a way that was different from what was developed by the Renaissance artists in the West, the exact nature of the difference hardly seems to have been explained technically. This essay attempts at reexamining the representational technique used by the 15th and 16th century miniature painters in the depiction of a simple rectangular building or object in frontal view in a way that it would appear to have a hexagonal top view or plan form.


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