Challenges for the Future

Altınbilek, Doğan H.
Harmancioglu, Nilgun B.
This chapter is basically a wrap-up of current problems regarding water resources and management in Turkey and discusses challenges for the future in the light of these problems. The most challenging issue appears to be water scarcity resulting from fast increases in population, urbanization, industrialization, agriculture, expansion of tourism, and increases in economic activities, climate change, and resource depletion. The chapter also discloses how authorities and water communities in the country react to these challenges and plan new targets for the future.

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D. H. Altınbilek and N. B. Harmancioglu, “Challenges for the Future,” WATER RESOURCES OF TURKEY, vol. 2, pp. 535–540, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: