Swelling of clays on METU Campus.

Omay, Bülent


Swelling properties of clays on the METU campus.
Doruk, Mahmut; Department of Civil Engineering (1968)
Consolidation of a soil layer subjected to an axiaymmetric loading.
Erdemli, Mehmet; Department of Engineering Sciences (1974)
Strengthening of infilled walls with CFRP sheets
Ersoy, U; Ozcebe, G; Tankut, T; Akyuz, U; Erduran, E; Erdem, I (2003-05-13)
Introducing RC infills to selected bays in both directions is an effective approach for strengthening existing buildings having various deficiencies. However, if adopted for buildings in use, the building would need to be evacuated before starting the construction, which will last for several months. This would impair the practicality of the method. Hence, strengthening techniques applicable without interrupting the functioning of the building are urgently needed. In this study, it was intended to use exist...
Reinforcement of polyesters by boron minerals
Akgün, Aydın Mert; Tinçer, Teoman; Özdemir, Tonguç; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2015)
Polymers are used in areas where exposure to high-energy radiation might occur. Main effects of irradiation on polymers are crosslinking, chain scission and oxidation. Radiation resistance of polymers depends on structure, additives, or irradiation conditions. Since boron is highly effective material against radiation, especially against neutron radiation, with its high absorption cross section, boron products is used for radiation applications. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of differe...
Formation and deterioration of fairy chimneys of the Kavak tuff in Urgup-Goreme area (Nevsehir-Turkey)
Topal, Tamer; Doyuran, Vedat; Saltık, Emine Caner; Department of Geological Engineering (1995)
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B. Omay, “Swelling of clays on METU Campus.,” Middle East Technical University, 1970.