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Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite by Ion-Selective Electrodes in Relation to Gypsum Formation on Some Travertine Buildings in Polluted Atmosphere of Ankara

Göktürk, E. H.
Al-badawi, M. B.
Aygün, S.
Caner, E. N.
Gypsum formation on calcareous building stones in the polluted atmosphere of cities is thought to be accelerated by the presence of nitrogen-containing compounds. A reliable method for nitrate and nitrite determinations is proposed and the presence of nitrogen compounds is discussed in relation to their possible influence on gypsum formation. Investigations on nitrate and nitrite determinations with ionselective electrodes have been carried out along with gypsum determinations on the samples taken from altered surfaces of some travertine buildings in Ankara. Interfering effects of the ions which may be present in the matrix studied have been examined and the proper masking solutions for their removal have been introduced. Investigations show that nitrate and nitrite determinations with ion-selective electrodes are reliable, rapid and inexpensive in stone extracts. The sulphate to nitrate ratios in this study vary between 32 and 393. These data are compared with earlier results and the possible effects of nitrogen-containing compounds in gypsum formation are discussed.