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Effect of microstructure on the tribological properties of apatite-wollastonite glass ceramic

Park, Jong-Ee
Öztürk, Abdullah
You, Sang-Hee
Park, Sam-Sik
Bae, Won-Tae
Shin, Dong-Woo
A relationship between microstructure and the tribological properties of Apatite-Wollastonite glass ceramics (A-W GC), fabricated by different techniques of melt casting and powder packing processing, was studied. The surface crystallization of wollastonite caused a unique surface strengthening in an A-W GC prepared by the melt casting process. The wear rate did not vary between the free surface and interior in an A-W GC made by the powder packing process, whereas an increase of the wear rate with an increase in the distance from the free surface was detected in an A-W GC fabricated by the melt casting process. However, the melt casting process resulted in a higher wear resistance in an A-W glass ceramics for prosthetic applications.