Piezoelectric Cantilever Prototype for Energy Harvesting in Computing Applications

Beker, Levent
Külah, Haluk
Muhtaroglu, Ali
This paper presents a piezoelectric energy harvester (PEH) to convert vibrations to electrical power. A unimorph cantilever beam is used to generate voltage on piezoelectric material bonded close to the anchor of the cantilever beam. A 4.85 x 1 x 0.04 cm structural layer with piezoelectric material yields peak-to-peak voltage of 64 V at the resonance frequency of the structure. The empirically confirmed maximum power output is close to 0.5 mW. The results from validation data on the observed structure has been correlated to the simulations in finite element method (FEM) program using piezoelectric analysis tools.
International Conference on Energy Aware Computing (ICEAC)


Hybrid Energy Harvesting From Keyboard
Beker, Levent; Zorlu, Ozge; Külah, Haluk; Muhtaroglu, Ali (2011-12-02)
This paper presents a hybrid energy harvester which combines piezoelectric (PZT) and electromagnetic (EM) transduction mechanisms to scavenge vibration energy from a keyboard. The system comprises of improvements to the dome structure presented in previous studies, in which only PZT transduction mechanism was used to harvest 16.95 mu W of experimentally verified power. An in-house modeling and simulation tool is first introduced in this work to evaluate the integration of EM transduction into the PZT system...
Bimorph piezoelectric energy harvester structurally integrated on a trapezoidal plate
Avsar, Ahmet Levent; Şahin, Melin (2016-08-01)
A bimorph piezoelectric energy harvester is developed for harvesting energy under the vortex induced vibration and it is integrated to a host structure of a trapezoidal plate without changing its passive dynamic properties. It is aimed to select trapezoidal plate as similar to a vertical fin-like structure which could be a part of an air vehicle. The designed energy harvester consists of an aluminum beam and two identical multi fiber composite (MFC) piezoelectric patches. In order to understand the dynamic ...
Energy Harvesting from Piezoelectric Stacks Using Impacting Beam
Ozpak, Yigit; Aykan, Murat; Çalışkan, Mehmet (2015-02-05)
Piezoelectric materials can be used for energy harvesting from ambient vibration due to their high power density and ease of application. Two basic methods, namely, tuning the natural frequency to the operational frequency and increasing the operation bandwidth of the harvester are commonly employed to maximize the energy harvested from piezoelectric materials. Majority of the studies performed in recent years focus mostly on tuning the natural frequency of the harvester. However, small deviations in operat...
Energy scavenging from low-frequency vibrations by using frequency up-conversion for wireless sensor applications
Külah, Haluk (2008-03-01)
This paper presents an electromagnetic (EM) vibration-to-electrical power generator for wireless sensors, which can scavenge energy from low-frequency external vibrations. For most wireless applications, the ambient vibration is generally at very low frequencies (1-100 Hz), and traditional scavenging techniques cannot generate enough energy for proper operation. The reported generator up-converts low-frequency environmental vibrations to a higher frequency through a mechanical frequency up-converter using a...
Perfect metamaterial absorber-based energy harvesting and sensor applications in the industrial, scientific, and medical band
Bakir, Mehmet; KARAASLAN, MUHARREM; Dincer, Furkan; DELİHACIOĞLU, KEMAL; Sabah, Cumali (2015-09-01)
An electromagnetic (EM) energy harvesting application based on metamaterials is introduced. This application is operating at the the industrial, scientific, and medical band (2.40 GHz), which is especially chosen because of its wide usage area. A square ring resonator (SRR) which has two gaps and two resistors across the gaps on it is used. Chip resistors are used to deliver the power to any active component that requires power. Transmission and reflection characteristics of the metamaterial absorber for en...
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L. Beker, H. Külah, and A. Muhtaroglu, “Piezoelectric Cantilever Prototype for Energy Harvesting in Computing Applications,” presented at the International Conference on Energy Aware Computing (ICEAC), Istanbul, Turkey, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/52984.