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Enhancing the Comparative Research Capacity of the CES(CESCER)

The project aims at enhancing the research capacity of the Center for European Studies (CES) atthe Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey to the standards for a center ofexcellence in European studies. Having already established itself as one of the leading centers forEuropean studies in Turkey, the CES aims to promote the development of an interdisciplinaryenvironment conducive for studying and researching the processes of European integration in acomparative manner. The CES, located at METU which is reputed as one of the most prestigiousresearch universities in Turkey, benefits from the research activities of several departments of theuniversity. While promoting academic specialization in issues of European integration and governance,the CES aims to collaborate with other institutions in Europe via joint projects.Addressing the interrelated questions of security and governance in a comprehensive sense, itsresearch agenda is characterized by its founding objectives. These are to conduct in depth, originalanalyses of the processes of socio-economic and political transformation in Turkey within acomparative framework, focusing on new forms and problems of governance particularly in relation toissues of comprehensive security. To achieve this objective, the CES aims to upgrade the institutionalresearch capacity in order to contribute to enhancing and widening of the European Research Area. Itaims to do so by conducting interdisciplinary and comparative research in the areas of security andgovernance in a wider Europe as specified in Research Area 6 and Research Area 4 of the ThematicPriority 7.The CES intends to achieve this strategic objective through developing its researchenvironment, strengthening its existing links with the leading research institutions of Europe,establishing new links with others and upgrading its institutional structure.