A two-dimensional time-dependent Euler solver for moving boundaries in cartesian grids applied to injection driven internal flows

Pekkan, Kerem


A new finite element method for eletromagnetic boundary value problems in combined interior and exterior regions.
Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa; Hızal, Altunkan; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1986)
A finite volume method for compressible viscous flows
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A sensitivity study for the second order reliability-based design model of rubble mound breakwaters
Balas, CE; Ergin, Ayşen (2000-03-01)
The reliability-based risk assessment and structural design model (REBAD) (Balas, 1998) introduced in this paper, is a worthwhile tool in the preliminary design of maritime structures which are portrayed by vast failure consequences and significant resource expenditures. REBAD model in which the Second-Order Reliability Method (SORM) is utilized together with a cost-optimization algorithm, is implemented to Mersin yacht harbor which is constructed near the city of Mersin located on the Turkish coast of Medi...
A Three dimensional mixed formulation nonlinear frame finite element based on hu-washizu functional
Soydaş, Ozan; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
A three dimensional nonlinear frame finite element is presented in this analytical study by utilizing Hu-Washizu principle with three fields of displacement, strain and stress in the variational form. Timoshenko beam theory is extended to three dimensions in order to derive strains from the displacement field. The finite element approximation for the beam uses shape functions for section forces that satisfy equilibrium and discontinous section deformations along the beam. Nonlinear analyses are performed by...
A Rayleigh–Ritz Method for Numerical Solutions of Linear Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind
Kaya, Ruşen; Taşeli, Hasan (2022-01-01)
A Rayleigh–Ritz Method is suggested for solving linear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind numerically in a desired accuracy. To test the performance of the present approach, the classical one-dimensional Schrödinger equation -y″(x)+v(x)y(x)=λy(x),x∈(-∞,∞) has been converted into an integral equation. For a regular problem, the unbounded interval is truncated to x∈ [ - ℓ, ℓ] , where ℓ is regarded as a boundary parameter. Then, the resulting integral equation has been solved and the results are co...
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K. Pekkan, “A two-dimensional time-dependent Euler solver for moving boundaries in cartesian grids applied to injection driven internal flows,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2000.