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Comparison of Inverter Topologies Suited for Integrated Modular Motor Drive Applications

Ugur, Mesut
Sarac, Hakan
Keysan, Ozan
In this paper, various inverter topologies are compared for integrated modular motor drive (IMMD) applications. Two-level voltage source inverter (2L-VSI), three level voltage source inverter (3L-VSI) and series/parallel combinations of these topologies with system level modularity are compared in terms of voltage and current harmonic spectrum, passive component sizes and motor drive efficiency. New generation wide band-gap GaN power semiconductor devices are utilized in modular topologies and they are compared with a conventional IGBT motor drive. The effect of phase-shifting between the PWM carrier signals of parallel connected modules and its contribution to size reduction is investigated. IMMD structure has proven to have a superior efficiency compared to conventional motor drives, thanks to the utilization of GaNs. It has been shown that over 98% motor drive efficiency can be achieved for 8kW IMMD by using a newly proposed topology where 2L-VSI converters are connected both in series and parallel on the DC link.