In the present study, the effect of initial winding angle, and the starting edge of the winding operation on the variation of the thickness, stiffness coefficients and undamped free vibration characteristics of filament wound composite shells of revolution are investigated. Filaments are assumed to be placed along the geodesic fiber path on the surface of the shell of revolution resulting in the variation of the stiffness coefficients and thickness along the axis of the composite shell of revolution with general meridional curvature. The study is performed by a semi-analytical solution method which exploits the combination of the numerical integration technique, and a modified frequency trial method. The governing shell of revolution equations comprise the full anisotropic form of the constitutive relations, including first order transverse shear deformation, and all components of translatory and rotary inertia. Results are obtained for conical and spherical shells of revolution manufactured by the filament winding process, and the effect of the winding pattern on the vibration characteristics of shells of revolution is investigated thoroughly.


Transient dynamic response of viscoelastic cylinders enclosed in filament wound cylindrical composites
Şen, Özge; Turhan, Doğan; Department of Engineering Sciences (2005)
In this study, transient dynamic response of viscoelastic cylinders enclosed in filament wound cylindrical composites is investigated. Thermal effects, in addition to mechanical effects, are taken into consideration. A generalized thermoelasticity theory which incorporates the temperature rate among the constitutive variables and is referred to as temperature-rate dependent thermoelasticity theory is employed. This theory predicts finite heat propagation speeds. The body considered in this thesis consists o...
Free Vibrations of Composite Plates Stiffened by Two Adhesively Bonded Plate Strips
Javanshir, Jaber; Farsadi, Touraj; Yuceoglu, Umur (2012-07-01)
In this study, the free flexural (or bending) vibration response of composite base-plate or panel systems stiffened by two adhesively bonded plate strips are theoretically analyzed in detail and numerically solved in terms of the mode shapes with their natural frequencies. Additionally, some important parametric studies are also included in the present study. The aforementioned bonded and stiffened system is composed of an orthotropic Mindlin base plate or panel stiffened or reinforced by the dissimilar, or...
Free vibration analysis of anisotropic laminated composite shells of revolution
Yavuzbalkan, Erdem; Kayran, Altan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2005)
In this thesis, the free vibration analysis of anisotropic laminated composite shells of revolution (ALCSOR) is studied. The governing equations are kinematic, constitutive, and motion equations. Geometrically linear strain-displacement equations of Reissner-Naghdi shell theory in combination with first-order shear deformation theory in which transverse shear and rotatory inertia effects are taken into consideration. The constitutive relations are for macrosopically ALCSOR in which statically equivalent for...
Free vibration characteristics of a 3d mixed formulation beam element with force-based consistent mass matrix
Soydas, Ozan; Sarıtaş, Afşin (2017-09-01)
In this analytical study, free vibration analyses of a 3d mixed formulation beam element are performed by adopting force-based consistent mass matrix that incorporates shear and rotary inertia effects. The force-based approach takes into account the actual distribution of mass of an element in the derivation of the mass matrix. Moreover, the force-based approach enables accurate determination of free vibration frequencies of members with varying geometry and material distribution without any need for specif...
Free-Vibration Analysis of Ring-Stiffened Branched Composite Shells of Revolution
Kayran, Altan (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), 2010-4)
Application of the multisegment numerical integration technique is extended to the free-vibration analysis of macroscopically anisotropic filament-wound branched shells of revolution with ring stiffeners, considering the variation of the thickness and winding angle. The solution procedure is based on a modified-frequency trial method, which processes on the numerically integrated transformed fundamental shell equations that are obtained in terms of finite exponential Fourier transform of the fundamental she...
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