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Transient dynamic response of viscoelastic cylinders enclosed in filament wound cylindrical composites

Şen, Özge
In this study, transient dynamic response of viscoelastic cylinders enclosed in filament wound cylindrical composites is investigated. Thermal effects, in addition to mechanical effects, are taken into consideration. A generalized thermoelasticity theory which incorporates the temperature rate among the constitutive variables and is referred to as temperature-rate dependent thermoelasticity theory is employed. This theory predicts finite heat propagation speeds. The body considered in this thesis consists of n+1-layers, the inner layer being viscoelastic, while the outer fiber reinforced composite medium consist of n-different generally orthotropic, homogeneous and elastic layers. In each ply, the fiber orientation angle may be different. The body is a hollow circular cylinder with a finite thickness in the radial direction, whereas it extends to infinity in the axial direction. The multilayered medium is subjected to uniform time-dependent dynamic inputs at the inner and/or outer surfaces. The body is assumed to be initially at rest. The layers are assumed to be perfectly bonded to each other. The case in which the inner surface of the viscoelastic cylinder is a moving boundary is further investigated in this study. This is similar to the solid propellant rocket motor cases. The solid propellant is modelled as a viscoelastic material which in turn is modelled as standard linear solid; whereas, the rocket motor case is a fiber-reinforced filament wound cylindrical composite. Method of characteristics is employed to obtain the solutions. Method of characteristics is suitable because the governing equations are hyperbolic. The method is amenable to numerical integration and different boundary, interface and initial conditions can be handled easily.